2015| January 16

Since we hit 1,000+ LIKES today on Facebook COFFIN CAROUSEL would like to thank you all for being ace & super supportive so far and would like to announce that we will be releasing an EP in the coming months with a new music video & hitting the stage for live shows!

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2014 | December 30

Thank you to everyone who has been so awesome throughout 2014 to COFFIN CAROUSEL. 2015 we will be releasing a EP that will include the SINISTER single +5 new songs & a new music video before we hit the stage to start playing live!

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2014 | December 8

Check out the 1st ever COFFIN CAROUSEL radio interview with vocalist/guitarist Howard Von Noise on Beyond the Graveyard 4ZZZ talking about the band, SINISTER single and what's in store for 2015.

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2014 | November 6

After 2 years in the making the COFFIN CAROUSEL debut single SINISTER is set to drop November 21st 2014 launching the COFFIN CAROUSEL thick, classic and pure sonic assault.

Mixed by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Sex Pistols, Queen) and mastered by Alan Douches (Misfits, Motorhead, GWAR), SINISTER showcases a raw and expressive vocal and lyrical debut by Howard Von Noise riding the forefront of a crushing bed of buzzing guitar riffs and furious drumming that pack tight a high energy song arrangement.

SINISTER will be available digitally worldwide at all digital music stores and also features the acoustic B-Side SINISTER (BONES VERSION) along with an action packed music video at the official COFFIN CAROUSEL Grindhouse YouTube page.

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2014 | September 19

COFFIN CAROUSEL are excited to announce Grammy award winning British producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Queen, The Sex Pistols) will be mixing the bands debut EP. The first single and music video is set to drop this November 2014. The band this month also welcomes bassist Skinny Horrors into the the lineup. More news coming soon!

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2014 | July 17

Pre-mixing has begun on a first group of songs that we plan to release on a EP jammed packed with the first Coffin Carousel sing along athems by Howard Von Noise at his own 'Attic Noise Studio' in Melbourne Australia. So far the mixes are coming up awesome as expected and will have more news shortly on what to expect in 2014 from Coffin Carousel.

Howard Von Noise \m/

2014 | May 28

Vocal recording sessions have begun! I have been hitting the studio with good friend producer Peter Dacy (Taxiride, The Androids) over the past couple of weeks to walk me through recording my vocals to the first selection of songs that we will put out for a EP. Its feeling awesome to start hearing the songs come to life and on their road to completion and establishing myself as a singer. CD artwork is almost done and planning the band performance to finish off the music video we started to film in 2013 is also happing. More news to come!

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2014 | Feb 21

Guitars and Bass all recorded! Last weekend I recorded all the guitars and bass guitars for the final group of songs chosen to construct and release a full length LP. I also have a couple of B-Side's left over from the drum sessions to finish up writing to release at a later stage when I have the time to tweak the songs to a releasable standard and record all the parts. Never hurts to have songs in the bank!

I plan to spend the next few months editing the guitars and bass sessions while I warm up and prepare to start recording my vocals. Some updates on the web site are happening also along with all the artwork coming into finishing stages for the LP packaging and for the first single I plan to release. More updates shortly.

Howard Von Noise \m/

2013 | Dec 23

Hi Fiends! Welcome to the official COFFIN CAROUSEL website!

1 year ago now I was in the rehearsal room bringing demos to life and preparing to record drums for a group of songs I had been crunching together since late 2009. I have been working hard to form my vocal style over the past 4 years pushing myself into an unfamiliar territory to challenge myself and achieve new skills. It has been an amazing feeling now I am starting to hear all the hard work coming together.

January this year (2013) Tim Rhodes recorded all the drums for the group of songs that made it through the 3 years of demo camp. I have been editing the drums over the past 2 months in preparation to start laying down all the guitars tracks in 2014 that will bring some amazing drum performances and recording tones in the songs to life before I begin to record the vocals.

In November I also started to film the first music video and had some awesome friends come down and act out roles that have created a standout story board that will edit up nicely after I film the band performance to drop in once the song is recorded to finish the music video. I have had some amazing artists also working on CD art bringing my ideas to life along with some new photos that will make some ace artwork to lavish in. So this is where the band is at right now.

When will a debut release be finished you are thinking…? I hope not too long in the near future…I am fitting in as much as I can in between working on my other band Diamond Noir and I plan on recording parts at different stages throughout 2014 so I will keep the updates coming along…

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the self-titled short film/grind that was released in November 2011, now public at the COFFIN CAROUSEL YouTube Grindhouse page.

Howard Von Noise \m/



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